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Can I get married in the church, even though I am not a member? Yes.  The Ministers at Central Baptist Church officiate wedding ceremonies for members and non-members on a regular basis.  Please contact the Church Office at (217) 222-1310 to request a copy of  "Handbook for Planning a Marriage at Central Baptist Church" which contains the policies and procedures, plus fee schedule.  Couples are required to complete six sessions of Premarital Counseling prior to the Wedding Ceremony.  The Ordained Clergy perform a limited number of "No Fee Weddings" for couples in the community.  No wedding is scheduled on the Church Calendar or approved until the Church Office receives the $350.00 non-refundable deposit.

Do the Ministers perform weddings outside of the Church?  Yes, on a limited basis.  Availability depends upon individual schedules and commitments.  Ministers are allowed to perform weddings in parks, houses, backyards, chapels, etc, but are not permitted to perform services in bars/saloons (establishments whose primary function is alcohol sales or consumption).   Ordained Clergy are not permitted to officiate same-sex ceremonies as outlined in Church policy.  No wedding is scheduled on the Church Calendar or approved by the Ordained Clergy until the Church Office receives the $250.00 refundable deposit for a wedding outside the Church.

Can outside families and groups use the church building for a public meeting?  Yes.  Central Baptist Church welcomes family gatherings, support groups, community service agencies and other persons to use the building and grounds.  Persons wanting to use the building must submit a written request to the Ministry of Trustees for approval before their second Tuesday business meeting each month.  Please download the "Property Use Agreement" form: Property Use Agreement.  Fax, mail or drop off the request during regular office hours.

Does the Pastor visit non-members in the hospital? Yes.  One of our Ministers visits the hospital daily.  Simply call the Church Office to schedule a visit.  Holy Communion is administered to patients at Blessing Hospital the First Sunday of each month; and the Anointing of the Sick upon request.  Patients and families can also ask the Chaplains Office to request a visit from Central Baptist Church.

BLESSING HOSPITALDirections for Hospital Admission: Patient Confidentiality is not only the right thing to do for your protection, IT IS THE LAW.  If you are admitted as a patient to Blessing Hospital, please let the admitting clerk or nurse know that you are a member of “Central Baptist Church of Quincy.”  If you tell the clerk or nurse only that you are part of a Denomination (i.e., “Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc.”), your pastor will not be able to locate you easily, if at all.  Ideally, you or a family member should call the Church Office at (217) 222-1310 to let them know you have been admitted to the hospital, giving your room number when possible.  This is the best way to assure that we know you are in the hospital.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Does Central Baptist help persons in the community with utility bills, rent, food and other emergency needs?  Yes.  Persons or families needing financial or food assistance should complete a written "Application for Assistance" at the Church Office.  A photo identification card is required for all Quincy residents.  Persons seeking assistance who do not have a permanent residency in Quincy are required to bring their "Transient Card" from the Quincy Police Station.  Central Baptist Church donates a maximum amount of $100.00 per family each year for community assistance. No cash will be paid to any person.  A check will be mailed directly to the landlord, company or agency in approximately five to six business days.  The Church does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, disability, or veteran status in the determination of community assistance services.

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